WASTELAND Roof Tent, 240x140x130cm, Grey

£996.80 inc VAT

Product Description

The WASTELAND car roof tent is a branded product with high-quality workmanship. When closed, it is very compact with relatively low wind resistance with entry possible from all sides.

All openings on the tent are provided with mosquito nets. At night or on a windy rainy day, the two side windows can be covered by the same material as the tent, making the tent totally waterproof.

The additional flysheet gives the roof tent added stability in windy conditions, keeps the rain off the main part of the tent and ensures the tent remains cool in the summer months.

The supplied aluminium ladder is extendable over a length of 120-205 cm, making climbing outdoors in the cold and wet a thing of the past.

The mattress size is 220 x 135 cm which is large enough for two people. The cover can be unzipped, which makes it easy to remove for washing.

The aluminium frame fits up to a height of 205 cm and is suitable for most makes of vehicle. The tent cover, mounting rails, including the brackets for mounting of the tent onto the roof support system, are included.

Make no mistake, this is a quality product!

Tent Dimensions Open: 240 x 140 x 130 cm.
Overhang area Dimension: 220 x 135 x 6 cm.
Tent Dimensions Closed: 120 x 140 x 28 cm.
Frame: Aluminium.
Tent Material: Polyester PVC coated 300D.
Base material: Aluminium sandwich panel.
Flysheet material: Oxford PU coated 200D.
Material cover: Coated polyester PVC 1000D.
WASTELAND Tent colour: Grey.
Weight: Approximately 50 kg.

An additional side awning is available on request.
An additional ladder extension, which reaches up to 240 cm is also available on request.