Hard-Top Roof Tent, Automatic Opening, White / Grey

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Product Description

This hard top roof tent with its automatic opening, combined with highest quality of workmanship and  is one of  our favourite roof tents.

Getting into the  roof tent is possible from both sides, which are equipped with wind-protective screens. Mosquito nets are included  to each tent opening allowing the breeze to keep the tent nice and cool and are covered by the same material as the tent, offering protection against the elements. There is an LED light included, so that you can easily get yourself ready for a good night sleep.

The supplied aluminium ladder is extendable over a length of 120-205 cm. An extension to 240 cm are available optionally. After the opening of the locks on the front, a slight push is enough to automatically open the tent. To close, simply pull down  on the handles, tuck in any excess material and then lock the latches and your ready to go!
The colour of the roof tent material is Grey and is fitted with a White hard shell and comes complete with mounting rails and brackets for mounting of the tent on the roof rail support system or roof rack.

The mattress size is 200 x 140 cm which is large enough for two people . The mattress cover can be unzipped, which makes it easy to remove for washing.

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